Future Proofing a More Valuable Small Business

There Are A Number of Relatively Easy Ways of Adding Value to a Small Business Whether you are buying, growing, maintaining, or preparing for succession or sale – having proper formalities will save you time and money.  Not only that – it will add value and certainty to your small business and by extension, your … Read more

Sample Letter of Intent for a Texas Business

A letter of intent is used for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, the following reasons: protect confidential information, outline terms, and have the parties manifest interest in the transaction – all before incurring significant legal expense or wasting effort in preparation. Sample Letter of Intent: LETTER OF INTENT TO BUY & SELL Dear Owner’s … Read more

Buying a Business in Austin, Texas

Buying and Selling a Business Are you interesting in buying or selling a business?  Your first step is to contact an experienced business attorney.  A business attorney will help you formalize the transaction in a legally meaningful way.  Without legal guidance, both parties could subject themselves to unnecessary liabilities, and likely liabilities they hadn’t anticipated. Some … Read more

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Texas Constitution