Future Proofing a More Valuable Small Business

There Are A Number of Relatively Easy Ways of Adding Value to a Small Business Whether you are buying, growing, maintaining, or preparing for succession or sale – having proper formalities will save you time and money.  Not only that – it will add value and certainty to your small business and by extension, your … Read more

Sample Non Competition Agreement For Texas Business Owners

Sample Non-Competition Agreement For Texas Business Owners There are many reasons to insist on a non-competition agreement between your company and an employee.  A non-competition agreement (sample provided below) should clearly describe what subject matter the other party is agreeing to not compete with/for.  Something to keep in mind when creating a non-competition agreement (or any agreement for that matter) is that creating … Read more

Sample Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement Often, I have clients that need to hire a contractor, but want to make sure that their rights are protected prior to doing so.  Independent contractor agreements help to protect a business owner, establish expectations for final product, and ultimately clarify the roles and relationships among and/or between the parties.  Provided below is a … Read more

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