Future Proofing a More Valuable Small Business

There Are A Number of Relatively Easy Ways of Adding Value to a Small Business Whether you are buying, growing, maintaining, or preparing for succession or sale – having proper formalities will save you time and money.  Not only that – it will add value and certainty to your small business and by extension, your … Read more

Mental Capacity for Binding Contracts

Mental Capacity as a Requirement for Valid Contracts Although there is a fair amount of overlap between mental capacity requirements as applied to wills and probate (including elder law such as guardianship related issues) when compared to the mental capacity requirements for legally binding contracts, in this article I’ll be focusing on capacity as is … Read more

Sample Settlement Agreement and Release

Sample Settlement Agreement There are many circumstances when a business owner might wish to settle a dispute out of court instead of engaging in costly litigation or allow a grievance to drag on that could ultimately harm the owner both from a reputation and from a fiscal perspective.  A well-drafted settlement agreement should fully dispose of all items of … Read more

Sample Non Competition Agreement For Texas Business Owners

Sample Non-Competition Agreement For Texas Business Owners There are many reasons to insist on a non-competition agreement between your company and an employee.  A non-competition agreement (sample provided below) should clearly describe what subject matter the other party is agreeing to not compete with/for.  Something to keep in mind when creating a non-competition agreement (or any agreement for that matter) is that creating … Read more

Sample Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement Often, I have clients that need to hire a contractor, but want to make sure that their rights are protected prior to doing so.  Independent contractor agreements help to protect a business owner, establish expectations for final product, and ultimately clarify the roles and relationships among and/or between the parties.  Provided below is a … Read more

Company Agreement / Operating Agreement For a Texas Business

What is a company agreement (often referred to as an operating agreement) exactly? A company agreement is any agreement, written or oral, of the members concerning the affairs or the conduct of the business of a limited liability company. A company agreement of a limited liability company having only one member is not unenforceable because only one person … Read more

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