What’s included in a Business Plan

What’s Included in a Business Plan? A business plan serves several purposes: Identifies the company and key personnel Explains the products or services Outlines the business operations and organizations Examines the marketplace and other competitive businesses thereto Identifies the marketing and sales strategies Conducts a financial analysis and provides financial statements Outlines the funding requirements … Read more

Sample Letter of Intent for a Texas Business

A letter of intent is used for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, the following reasons: protect confidential information, outline terms, and have the parties manifest interest in the transaction – all before incurring significant legal expense or wasting effort in preparation. Sample Letter of Intent: LETTER OF INTENT TO BUY & SELL Dear Owner’s … Read more

Buying a Business in Austin, Texas

Buying and Selling a Business Are you interesting in buying or selling a business?  Your first step is to contact an experienced business attorney.  A business attorney will help you formalize the transaction in a legally meaningful way.  Without legal guidance, both parties could subject themselves to unnecessary liabilities, and likely liabilities they hadn’t anticipated. Some … Read more

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

The Coonley Law Firm Guarantees Its Work I am interested in solving problems (or preventing future ones) based on agreed terms set forth at the onset of the attorney/client relationship.  One of my terms that I feel strongly about is that I guarantee my client’s satisfaction or their money back. Business on a Handshake Almost … Read more

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Texas Constitution