Future Proofing a More Valuable Small Business

There Are A Number of Relatively Easy Ways of Adding Value to a Small Business Whether you are buying, growing, maintaining, or preparing for succession or sale – having proper formalities will save you time and money.  Not only that – it will add value and certainty to your small business and by extension, your … Read more

Mental Capacity for Binding Contracts

Mental Capacity as a Requirement for Valid Contracts Although there is a fair amount of overlap between mental capacity requirements as applied to wills and probate (including elder law such as guardianship related issues) when compared to the mental capacity requirements for legally binding contracts, in this article I’ll be focusing on capacity as is … Read more

Buying a Business in Austin, Texas

Buying and Selling a Business Are you interesting in buying or selling a business?  Your first step is to contact an experienced business attorney.  A business attorney will help you formalize the transaction in a legally meaningful way.  Without legal guidance, both parties could subject themselves to unnecessary liabilities, and likely liabilities they hadn’t anticipated. Some … Read more

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