Pre-Business Considerations

Starting a business requires a lot of planning, and an Austin business attorney can prove to be invaluable. Some things to think about are: financing, defining expectations, limiting personal liability, and generally understanding the extent of what is legally required and advisable before undertaking any endeavor.


Creating a liability limiting entity may be the difference between no personal liability and unlimited personal liability. The Coonley Firm will help you understand the differences between the various entities and their advantages and disadvantages, including tax treatment.

Contract Review
AND Preparation

A valid contract is by definition a legally binding agreement. Prior to assenting to any arrangement, you should be properly advised and guided by an Austin business attorney regarding the ramifications of its terms. Many form documents, especially those from the internet, may not be suitable for your needs or protective of your interests.


Properly structured transactions take into account elements of tax, financing, management, succession, estate and potential future growth planning. Each element must be properly considered to determine the best comprehensive structure for your Austin business.

Buying or Selling
of Businesses

Many considerations are involved in the sale or purchase of a business including: asset vs. stock sale, employee transition, due diligence, pre and post agreement obligations, and non-competition clauses.  In addition to basic considerations, it’s important to not leave your livelihood up to chance.  You deserve an experienced transactional attorney.

Growth Strategy

The Coonley Firm will advise you on the various aspects of obtaining funds to allow your Austin business to grow. Additional funding, which may be in the form of loans, capital contributions from existing owners or third parties, or from non-traditional sources (such as crowdfunding) all require consideration of the resulting duties between those financing, owning and managing the business.

Problem Mitigation

The Coonley Firm will review your existing written agreements and determine whether modifications or additional documents are recommended to deal with anticipated future conflicts. Written documents setting forth obligations and expectations are advisable to formalize oral arrangements and avoid misunderstandings.


The approach of the Coonley Firm is to resolve conflict in a manner which utilizes a community based common sense approach relying on negotiation, mediation and other non-litigation alternatives. An objective analysis of the conflict will often result in resolution prior to embarking on a path of costly litigation.

Succession Planning

Proper planning must answer the question of what happens to your business after you are no longer making the daily management decisions. This involves analysis of the next generation of owners and managers and how a transition may be accomplished in a tax favorable manner. This type of planning often intersects with estate planning and may involve retained rights of the current generation, such as a right of first refusal or right to re-purchase, and/or right to receive economic benefits.


Initial Consult Gaurantee

The Coonley Firm will gladly set up an appointment by phone, video conference, or in person for up to one hour in order to discuss and offer solutions to your situation. The Coonley Law Firm Guarantees you will be satisfied with your consultation.

Flat Fee Rate Availability

The Coonley Firm will provide a fixed price for many routine matters such as entity formation, document preparation, and contract review among other legal necessities.  Please review the popular 1 2 3 service option as well as the Monthly Retainer option to see if either of these options are conducive to you.  Additionally, the Coonley Law Firm will provide firm quotes for almost any combination of legal services, and as always, your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Flexible Payment Options

Sometimes legal bills can mount quickly. The Coonley Firm is small business friendly and will work with you to develop a payment schedule that takes into account your business needs.

Short-term Retainer Agreements

The Coonley Firm understands that when starting a business for the first time, you will have many questions and concerns and typically be on a strict budget.  The Coonley Firm understands that when starting a business for the first time, you will have many questions and concerns and typically be on a strict budget.  The Coonley Firm wants to be your go-to source for important early-stage issues and decisions and therefore offers retainer agreements for first time Austin business owners that last for a month or less. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unhappy with the services provided by the Coonley Firm for any reason you will be refunded any remaining prepaid money and your file will be promptly returned to you. If you feel that you have not received great value, the Coonley Firm will do everything in its power to make it right with you.

Please read our Client Guarantee.

Often, people with great ideas or the ambition to go into business for themselves elect not to do so because they are afraid of the financial commitments or risks associated with such an endeavor.  The Coonley Firm is designed to help those with the aforementioned aspirations to obtain legal guidance.  The Coonley Firm will leverage real word experience and legal expertise to help you navigate the small business world using a community based common sense approach.

He holds a degree in business management, a minor in psychology and a certificate in international business. He attended the Drake University School of Law in his home state of Iowa where he earned his Juris Doctorate with a certificate in business law.  John moved to Austin following law school.

John has started or been a partner in six businesses, including in the following industries: commercial photography, consulting, vending, and merchant services. The most recent area of interest for John is crowdfunding. John has worked as a personal trainer, and enjoys leading an active lifestyle which includes participation in organized sports and pursuing various physical challenges. John is an active member of Austin’s Young Men’s Business League (YMBL) where he has participated in planning various events and functions, with the ultimate goal of bettering the Austin Sunshine Camps, an organization focused on helping Austin’s underprivileged youth.


Just had an outstanding experience working with John over the past few days on a contract law issue. John was highly responsive and his assistance was crucial in deciding whether or not to sign a client's terms. Would highly recommend for any business owner looking for legal help in Austin.
Brandon Tigges
Brandon Tigges
19:56 26 Jul 17
I was in a pickle with a tenant that refused to vacate, John gave me the practical advice I needed to settle the dispute, saving me as much time and money as possible in the situation. He even helped me draft a simple contract clearly stating the agreement.
christopher lambert
christopher lambert
15:36 19 Feb 17
A++ servie, and extremely thorough. Would highly recommend John and his team to listen to your situation and strategize a plan of action. Genuinely cares about his clients!
Nick Pierce
Nick Pierce
16:44 28 Nov 16
I had a contract presented to me and thought there might be a problem and wanted it reviewed. There were a few aspects of the agreement I didn't initially consider but, as John pointed out, could have caused confusion down the road. This agreement was time sensitive and I am very thankful that John understood my urgency. He returned my document with a detailed explanation that was very easy to understand. We had a follow up consultation to discuss my questions and he had the answers to all of my questions. My invoice was very reasonable and I believe he provided me with excellent value. I would strongly recommend his services.
Mike Mesrobian
Mike Mesrobian
23:35 22 Mar 16
We had problems recovering due owed by a customer. John planned a feasible legal solution. John with a good demand letter and great follow up helped us recover dues owed by the customer. Best austin business attorney!
Ravi Ram Kallepalli
Ravi Ram Kallepalli
19:39 03 Sep 16
John Coonley is smart and efficient and knows how to manage legal complexities for small businesses. He advised innovative legal solutions which helped us achieve our goals with less time and money. I really appreciated him being mindful of our time. He worked hard behind the scenes and presented us with key results. Above all, he is pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend him.
Neha Gupta
Neha Gupta
20:42 22 Apr 16
John did a great job at addressing all our needs. He was very quick with return calls and emails. He was quickly to get back the services that we requested. He was also very knowledgeable with his advice. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. This is a firm that I am sure we will have a great relationship with for many years. The main thing that really sticks out to me is as a business owner is customer service and John was on top of that for us. You will enjoy working with him. Chris
Chris Perkins
Chris Perkins
20:33 03 Sep 15
Our decision to work with John on matters related to a business contract proved to be well worth the investment. During every consultation he provided insight and advice that was unique to our situation and especially helpful. I would happily work with John again if the need were to arise.
James Deal
James Deal
16:18 15 Jan 18
John helped me out with clear and concise information with a matter involving an employer’s negligent practices. It was at a more than reasonable price as well. My choice to contact him saved me a lot of headache and worry.
Dominic Ferri
Dominic Ferri
18:20 29 Nov 17


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